Trouble with your project? We can help. Since 2002 Research Consulting contributed to the development of several success stories in the field of innovative technologies and sustainable development. We are proud to be part of the development of several novel technologies and new prototypes.

Our project support consulting references cover a broad spectrum of natural sciences and engineering:

- technology innovation and demonstration - information and communication technologies - regional development - environmental protection - waste treatment - water management - air quality modelling and assessment - sustainable resource management - renewable energy - rational use of energy - energy efficiency - eco-houses - sustainable surface transport and logistics - 2nd and 3rd generation biofuels - eco-driving - cross-boarder cooperation - human health and safety - bioengineering - nature protection - small and large scale technology validation and testing - eco-innovation - market replication - internet of things - sustainable product development - key enable technologies - disaster management and prevention - technology transfer - environmental security - life cycle analysis and assessment - industry 4.0 - plasma technology - sediment quality monitoring - biogas treatment - marine plastic litter management - underutilised land management - fibre reinforced polymer composites - fisheries and blue economy - ship design and manufacturing - open innovation test beds - circular economy - drone technology