Selected project references


LYNXES - contract number: HORIZON-EUROPE-EIC-2023-ACCELERATOR-OPEN-101145228, EIC Accelerator Open, ongoing, 2024-2026

New impetus to material research


FLUNIVERSAL - contract number: HORIZON-EUROPE-101080692, Research and Innovation Action, ongoing, 2023-2027

Intranasal, rapid-acting vaccine for all seasonal and pandemic influenza viruses


NBYN - contract number: HORIZON-EUROPE-EIC-2023-ACCELERATOR-OPEN-190117316, EIC Accelerator Open, ongoing, 2023-2025

The new generation knitting machine


MAGRAIL - contract number: HORIZON-EIC-2022-ACCELERATOR-CHALLENGES-02-190137459, EIC Accelerator Challenges, ongoing, 2022-2025

Frictionless mobility


MCAA NEW HORIZON - contract number: HORIZON-EUROPE-MSCA-2022-ALUMNI-IBA-101086922, Coordination and Support Action, ongoing, 2022-2024

Enhancing the impact of MSCA Alumni on the European Research Landscape


SWARM - contract number: HORIZON-EUROPE-EIC-2021-ACCELERATOR-190132825, EIC Accelerator, ongoing, 2022-2024

Cultivate crops with a fleet of electric agroecological robots that preserve the soils


EUCANWIN - contract number: HORIZON-2020-101022829, LC-SC3-2020-NZE-RES-CC, Research and Innovation Action, ongoing, 2021-2025

European-Canadian partnership for climate-positive heat and power generation through improved biomass feedstock supply and innovative conversion technologies


DERMAGNOSTIX - contract number: HORIZON-EUROPE-EIC-2021-ACCELERATOR-190175375, EIC Accelerator, ongoing, 2022-2024

Pioneering diagnostics in dermatology and cancer


INN-PRESSME - contract number: HORIZON-2020-952972, H2020-EU.2.1.3, Innovation Action, ongoing, 2021-2025

Open innovation ecosystem for sustainable plant-based nano-enabled biomaterials deployment for packaging, transport and consumer goods


MICRORENEW - contract number: HORIZON-2020-968363, SME Instrument Phase 2, completed, 2021-2023

Renewable energy micro power plant using organic waste as fuel


FIBRE4YARDS -  contract number: HORIZON-2020-101006860, MG-3-7-2020, Innovation Action, ongoing, 2021-2024

Fibre composite manufacturing technologies for the automation and modular construction in shipyards


CHEMSHALE - contract number: HORIZON-2020-101009382, SME Instrument Phase 2, completed, 2020-2023

Green cement of the future


CLOSEDTOE - contract number: HORIZON-2020-889158, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2020

The making of a new knitting machine


BIO-FLEXGEN - contract number: HORIZON-2020-101037085, H2020-EU.3.3, Research and Innovation Action, ongoing, 2021-2024

Highly-efficient and flexible integration of biomass and renewable hydrogen for low-cost combined heat and power generation to the energy system


TRIDENT - contract number: HORIZON-2020-887639, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2020

Elastic HSM platform


FOTOKITE - contract number: HORIZON-2020-880480, SME Instrument Phase 2, completed, 2019-2021

Aerial Situational Awareness for Every Firefighter with UAVs


DIGIPHARM - contract number: HORIZON-2020-888950, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2020

Value-based healthcare platform secured with blockchain technology


PESTISI - contract number: HORIZON-2020-859450, SME Instrument Phase 2, completed, 2019-2021

Cost effective solution against insects in long-term grain storage by natural diatomaceous earth


L2L - contract number: HORIZON-2020-827248, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2019

Leap to lead platform for expanding drug discovery beyond its current limits


RETROFEED - contract number: HORIZON-2020-869939 NMBP-SPIRE-2019, Innovation Action, completed, 2019-2023

Implementation of a smart retrofitting framework in the process industry towards its operation with variable, biobased and circular feedstock


PPPL - contract number: HORIZON-2020-767644, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2019

Novel paper pallet and manufacturing technology


RAID - contract number: HORIZON-2020-859156, SME Instrument Phase 2, completed, 2019-2021

Veterinary decision support system by rapid bacterial infection detection 


EKOFOLIO - contract number: HORIZON-2020-876676, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2019

Expanding key opportunities in forest investments: Liquidity, impact and ownership through blockchain


SCALIBUR - contract number: HORIZON-2020-817788 H2020-EU.3.2., Innovation Action, completed, 2018-2023

Scalable technologies for bio-urban waste recovery


DENTISTROBOT - contract number: HORIZON-2020-855689, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2019

In-mouth drilling robots for automating tooth repair and scaling dentist revenues


EIC-GHG - programme reference number: 2020/S 152-369306, completed, 2021-2022

European Innovation Council Pilot’s contribution towards a carbon neutral Europe reducing greenhouse gas emissions


POWERSHARE - contract number: HORIZON-2020-837353, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2019

Charging network optimized for light electric vehicles


BLUE ECONOMY ASSISTANCE PLATFORM - tender contract reference number: EASME/EMFF/2018/027, completed, 2019-2022

Assistance mechanism for investment in the marine and blue economy


AUTOFLYMAP - contract number: HORIZON-2020-832329, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2019

Autonomous flying robots in GNSS denied environments for 3D underground infrastructure mapping and inspection


MEDIKA - contract number: HORIZON-2020-827794, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2019

Commercialisation of dental medical device for measuring salivary pH


SEED MENTORING - contract number: ERDF-17-2018-00001, completed, 2019-2022

Boosting the efficiency of the SME sector by the provision of entrepreneurial mentoring and business coaching


SMARK2.0 - contract number: HORIZON-2020-878178, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2019

Next level product authentication, anti-counterfeiting and track and trace system


LIF-E-BUOY - contract number: HORIZON-2020-807791, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2018

Compact hydro generator for electric vehicles charging stations


BIOPLAT-EU - contract number: HORIZON-2020-818083 LC-SC3-2018-RES-SingleStage, Coordination and Support Action, completed, 2018-2021

Promoting sustainable use of underutilized lands for bioenergy production through a web-based platform for Europe


BIOMSTRIP - contract number: HORIZON-2020-868376, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2019

Over the counter test strip for early-stage cancer screening


SIMONA-IT - contract number: DTP2-093-2.1, Interreg Danube Transnational Programme, completed, 2018-2021

Sediment-quality information, monitoring and assessment system to support transnational cooperation for joint Danube basin water management


BIKEABS - contract number: HORIZON-2020-762934, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2017

Bicycle anti-lock brake system (ABS) for cycling industry


SOCATEL - contract number: HORIZON-2020-769975 SC6-CO-CREATION-2017, Innovation Action, completed, 2017-2021

A multi-stakeholder co-creation platform for better access to long-term care services


AQUA-LIT - contract number: EASME/EMFF/2017/, Sustainable Blue Economy, completed, 2019-2020

Preventive measures for averting the discarding of litter in the marine environment from the aquaculture industry


FIBRESHIP - contract number: HORIZON-2020-723360 2-MG-2.2-2016, Innovation Action, completed, 2017-2020

Engineering, production and life‐cycle management for the complete construction of large‐length fibre‐based ships


BRAILLEJET - contract number: HORIZON-2020-733157, SME Instrument Phase 2, completed, 2016-2018

Digitally controlled Braille and tactile graphic jet printing


PLANHEAT - contract number: HORIZON-2020-723757 EE-05-2016, Research and Innovation Action, completed, 2016-2020

Integrated tool for empowering public authorities in the development of sustainable plans for low carbon heating and cooling


FISSAC - contract number: HORIZON-2020-642154 WASTE-2014-two-stage, Innovation Action, completed, 2015-2020

Fostering industrial symbiosis for a sustainable resource intensive industry across the extended construction value chain


MY-GATEWAY - contract number: HORIZON-2020-780758 ICT-2017-1, Innovation Action, completed, 2018-2019

Boosting the growth potential of CEE start-ups on a pan-European level by creating new opportunities, synergies and opening the gate of Startup Europe to the Balkans


START2ACT - contract number: HORIZON-2020-696069 EE-2015-3, Coordination and Support Action, completed, 2016-2019

Engaging European start-ups and young SMEs for action for sustainable energy


LIGHTWARE - contract number: HORIZON-2020-733400, SME Instrument Phase 2, completed, 2016-2018

High bandwidth long distance uncompressed audio-video signal transmission development


FORBIO - contract number: HORIZON-2020-691846 LCE-3, Coordination and Support Action, completed, 2016-2018

Fostering sustainable feedstock production for advanced biofuels on underutilised land in Europe


INNOPELLET - contract number: HORIZON-2020-711540, SME Instrument Phase 2, completed, 2016-2018

Self-supporting biofuel sludge pellet producing system for small- and medium sized sewage plants


ENERGYPLUS HOUSE - private project contract, completed, 2015-2017

Construction and demonstration of a novel, integrated and energy independent residential eco-house to reduce its carbon footprint


TASKFITPRO - contract number: HORIZON-2020-673990, SME Instrument Phase 2, completed, 2015-2017

Time task management solution for SMEs to improve focus and maximize work efficiency


MYCOQUEST - contract number: HORIZON-2020-684135, SME Instrument Phase 1, completed, 2015-2016

Rapid on-site detection of mycotoxin in wheat


ECOVARN-CIP - contract number: ECO-13-630280, Competitiveness and Innovation Programme / Eco-Innovation / Greening Business, completed, 2014-2017

Industrialisation of a novel bio based wood coating produced from vegetal sources with an environmental friendly production methodology


NOO2 - contract number: FP7-605809 SME, Research for the benefit of SMEs, completed, 2013-2017

Development of an efficient oxygen elimination technology for reducing oxygen content in landfill gas for fuel quality


MYCORRAY - contract number: FP7-315166 SME, Research for the benefit of SMEs, completed, 2013-2015

A mycroarray tool for effective control of fungal grapevine trunk diseases in European vineyards


RECOICE - contract number: FP7-605286 SME, Research for the benefit of SMEs, completed, 2014-2016

Development of a low cost, low power consumption system for manufacturing liquid ice for fishing


PLASCARB - contract number: FP7-603488 ENV-Two-Stage, Collaborative Project, completed, 2013-2016

Innovative plasma based transformation of food waste into high value graphitic carbon and renewable hydrogen


PHENOLIVE - contract number: FP7-605357 SME, Research for the benefit of SMEs, completed, 2014-2016

Revalorization of wet olive pomace through polyphenol extraction and steam gasification


FASUDIR – contract number: FP7-60922 NMO-ENV-EeB, Collaborative Project, completed, 2013-2016

Friendly and affordable sustainable urban districts retrofitting


ENCORK - contract number: FP7-605825 SME, Research for the benefit of SMEs, completed, 2014-2016

Electronic nose to detect haloanisoles in cork stoppers


COMPETE - contract number: FP7-606636 completed, Research for the benefit of SMEs, 2013-2016

Composites evaluation in aircraft industry through triplex IR imaging system


FATE - contract number: CIP-297178 Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, completed, 2012-2015

Fall detector for the elder


HUNGARIAN LITTLE PLAIN - contract number: LIFE08-000289 NATURE-H, completed, 2010-2015

Restoration and conservation of priority-listed Pannonic sand land habitats in military owned area of the Hungarian Little Plain 


WASTE2GO - contract number: FP7-308363 ENV-Two-Stage, Collaborative Project, completed, 2012-2015

Development and verification of an innovative full life sustainable approach to the valorisation of municipal solid waste into industrial feedstocks 


RECULTIVATUR - Interreg South-East Europe, completed, 2013-2014

Provision of project coordination and management support for South-East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme funded project


MARG - contract number: FP7-315296 SME, Research for the benefit of SMEs, completed, 2012-2014

Development of a high resolution, low cost, short range precipitation radar system 


CEEM - ERDF Central-Europe, completed, 2012-2014

Central European Environmental and Energy Management Kit


HYDROBIONETS - contract number: FP7-287613 ICT-2011-7, Collaborative Project, completed, 2011-2014

Autonomous control of large-scale water treatment plants based on self-organized wireless biosensor and actuator networks


INFLATER - contract number: FP7-286522 SME, Research for the benefit of SMEs, completed, 2011-2014

Development of a universal flood protection tool using the force of the water to protect against floods 


GEOCOM - contract number: FP7-239515 ENERGY-TREN-1-CONCERTO, Collaborative Project, completed, 2010-2014

Geothermal Communities demonstrating the cascading use of geothermal energy for district heating with small scale RES and retrofitting measures


GERONIMO II BIOGAS - contract number: ALTENER-IEE/10/228/SI2.591395 Intelligent Energy Europe, completed, 2011-2013

A focused strategy for enabling European farmers to tap into biogas opportunities 


EASTERN-BAKONY - contract number: LIFE07-00321 NATURE-H, completed, 2009-2014

Restoration and conservation of priority habitats and species in the Eastern-Bakony area


CAPHIV - contract number: FP7-286798 SME, Research for the benefit of SMEs, completed, 2011-2013

Early detection of HIV-1 using ultra-sensitive, rapid capacitive biosensors 


MYCOHUNT - contract number: FP7-243633 SME-2, Research for the benefit of SME Associations/Grouping, completed, 2010-2013

Rapid biosensor for the detection of mycotoxin in wheat


SENIORENGAGE - contract number: AAL-2009-2-004, Ambient Assisted Living Programme, completed, 2010-2012

Intergenerational knowledge exchange, challenges and findings 


WELD-IT - contract number: FP7-262580 SME-1, Research for the benefit of SMEs, completed, 2010-2013

Welding process planning and parametric pricing software solution for SMEs


ECOWILL - contract number: STEER-09-250822, Intelligent Energy Europe, completed, 2010-2012

Ecodriving - widespread implementation for learner drivers and licensed drivers 


PLASMANURE - contract number: FP7-232267 SME-1, Research for the benefit of SMEs, completed, 2010-2012

Plasma catalyst reactor for the conversion of ammonia in pig manure into environmental neutral product 


DIBANET - contract number: FP7-227248 ENERGY, Collaborative Project For Specific Cooperation Actions, completed, 2009-2012

The production of sustainable diesel-miscible biofuels from the residues and wastes of Europe and Latin-America


TUBERAT - contract number: EUREKA-HU-08-1-2009-0020, completed, 2011-2013

Development of automatic cleaning device and technology for vertical disposal chute in pre-fabricated residential blocks of flats


RTTP HU-HR - contract number: HUHR-0901-1.2.1-0002, completed, 2010-2011

GIS development for the regional tourism product plan of the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-Border Co-operation Programme


ENERGYMON - contract number: K-2008-KMOP-1.1.4-07/1.-0067236, completed, 2009-2011

First step towards the energy aware buildings: Energy efficiency monitoring system for buildings


SECURENV - contract number: FP7-218152 SEC-1, Support Action, completed, 2009-2011

Assessment of environmental accidents from a security perspective


TABANOID - contract number: FP7-232366 SME-1, Research for the benefit of SMEs, completed, 2009-2011

Novel trap control of horse-flies on open-air fields


CEUBIOM - contract number: FP7-213634 ENERGY-1-RTD, Coordination Action, completed, 2008-2011

Classification of European biomass potential for bioenergy using terrestrial and earth observations


GREENWATER - contract number: EUROSTARS E!4371, completed, 2008-2010

Heavy metal monitoring device to improve the environmental safety of wastewater emissions and sewage sludge quality


MICRO-CHP - contract number: ADRP-845-2009, completed, 2009-2011

Design support software for the installation of micro-CHP and micro-CHCP plants fuelled by methane and hydrogen


Z-PHONE - contract number: EUROSTARS E!4302, completed, 2008-2011

Novel, low power consumption VOIP headset based on zigBee technology


FLEAT - contract number: STEER-07-007, Intelligent Energy Europe, completed, 2007-2009

Fleet management environmental action and assessment


GERONIMO I - contract number: SAVE-EIE/07/220/SI2.466709 Intelligent Energy Europe, completed, 2007-2009

Getting energy reduction on agendas in industrial manufacturing operations


FEMSPEC - contract number: EUROSTARS E!4296, completed, 2008-2011

Process control for the femtosecond laser surface modification by high resolution imaging spectroscopy


BIOFUEL MARKETPLACE - contract number: ALTENER-05-022, Intelligent Energy Europe, completed, 2006-2007

Web-based biofuel marketplace for supporting the e-commerce of biofuel products and technologies


EUINEC - contract number: FP7-222787 INCO-2, Support Action, completed, 2008-2011

European Union and India enhanced cooperation framework for improved bilateral dialogue in the fields of science and technology


PELLETSATLAS - contract number: ALTENER-06-020, Intelligent Energy Europe, completed, 2007-2009

Development and promotion of a transparent European pellets market and creation of a European real-time Pellets Atlas


E-SUPPORT - contract number: FP6-030386-2 Horizontal Research Activities involving SMEs, Collective Research Project, completed, 2006-2009

A knowledge transfer and on-site information agent driven access system for SME field service engineers


ASTECH - contract number: FP6-19892 SUSTDEV-TREN-3, Specific Support Action, completed, 2006-2009

Advanced sustainable energy technologies for heating and cooling applications


CLEANFRUIT - contract number: FP7-222286 SME-1, Research for the benefit of SMEs, completed, 2008-2011

High-reliability disinfestation of fruits and vegetables


ENERGY4COHESION - contract number: ALTENER-05-103, Intelligent Energy Europe, completed, 2006-2008

Sustainable actions for Europe's Cohesion


FIRE - contract number: FP6-023428 INNOV-5, Specific Support Action, ETIS-CT-2006, completed, 2006-2009

Facilitating innovation in renewable energies


CITYBEE - contract number: FP6-32094 SME-COOP, completed, 2006-2009

Low cost wireless metropolitan network for location and city services


SENIORLEARNING - contract number: GRUNDTVIG-229756 CP-1-2006-1-G1PP, completed, 2006-2008

Adapting e-learning techniques for integrating senior citizens in the new digital world


AQUASTRESS - contract number: FP6-511231 SUSTDEV-GLOBAL-2, Integrated Project, completed, 2005-2009

Mitigation of water stress through new approaches to integrating management, technical, economic and institutional instruments


EASIE - contract number: FP7-213302 NMP-SME-1, Collaborative Project Targeted To A Special Group (such as SMEs), completed, 2008-2011

Ensuring advancement in building sandwich construction through innovation and exploitation 


SME-ENVIRONMENT - contract number: FP6-3925 SUSTDEV, Specific Support Action, completed, 2005-2007

Supporting the participation of environmental SMEs from Associated Candidate Countries in the 6th Framework Programme


ECO-PCCM - contract number: FP6-509185 INCO-WBC-1, Specific Targeted Innovation Project, completed, 2004-2007

Eco-houses based on eco-friendly polymer composite construction materials


AQUAREC - contract number: FP5-00130 EESD-EVK1-CT-2002, Cost Sharing Contracts, completed, 2003-2006

Integrated concepts for reuse of upgrated wastewater


REPROMO - contract number: ALTENER-02-033, Intelligent Energy Europe, completed, 2003-2005

Renewable energy promotional campaign for the realisation of transnational RES projects, especially in Central-European region


ENEFMUN - contract number: SAVE-02-095, Intelligent Energy Europe, completed, 2003-2005

Training of local authorities experts on the identification, development and implementation of energy efficiency projects in municipalities


EMS4SMEs - contract number: LIFE02-000321 ENVIRONMENT-FIN, completed, 2002-2004

Launching an environmental control system for transportation companies 


AURORA - contract number: TET-HON-009-02, completed, 2002-2004

Transfer and implementation of an integrated modelling system for the assessment of air quality in Budapest


RHIZOSPHERIC WETLAND - contract number: LIFE02-000443 ENVIRONMENT-H, completed, 2002-2004

Integrated wastewater treatment and landfill recultivation by means of development of a closed-cycle rhizospheric biological wastewater treatment system